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Zippy Reviews? What is that?

Zippy Reviews (n.) – website dedicated to people who feel they have been bamboozled by search engines while trying to find the best consumer and expert reviews on computers, consumer electronics and travel…because they would rather spend their time downloading from iTunes ™, Tweeting, watching their flat screen TV or relaxing in a four star hotel. Zippy […]

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Palm Pre – Best Smartphone ever?

Ah, the Palm Pre… someone finally came up with a True Color SmartPhone that has a camera with a flash that syncs with Microsoft Exchange Server. While for many the thought of this had been a dream for so long, Palm finally delivered. The question is, did they deliver on all of people’s expectations. So […]

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Routers, Firewalls, and Network Address Translation (NAT)… uh, I’m confused

Routers, firewalls, and NAT are key devices and/or technologies to help ensure that your home and work are as secure as they can be. Let’s step back a minute and first talk about what is a “reasonable amount of security” one needs to not get “hacked”. Well, first off most people that throw around the […]

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