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The best sound card a consumer should consider buying – HT Omega Claro+

Heaven is here, and it’s in the form of a sound card…… Ok well maybe not quite, but if euphoria exists for an audiophile computer geek it’s this card: I just installed the card in my media center and it far surpasses the performance of my $700 Sony ES CD Changer.  Pretty cool that […]

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Nintendo to partner with Netflix for live video and movie streaming

Yup, sometime this spring coming to a Wii console near you you’ll be able to stream videos/movies through the netflix service.  Anybody that’s already a subscriber and paying more than $8.99 a month supposedly will be getting this “value-add” at no additional charge.  Here’s the bad news…. no HD (due to the Wii graphical limitations), […]

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Google High Speed Internet to your Home – Google ISP?

Google may now be getting into the ISP (Internet Service Provider) business.  They will be doing a market test to validate the possibility of this being broad reaching across the nation.  They claim the that speeds can be up to 100 times faster than current high speed internet connections.  It will be interesting to see […]

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