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Sarcastic… yeah that’s me! I’m “that guy”. I constantly am evaluating whether something was done the efficiently and/or in the best manner in every thing I run into in life. I’m passionate about technology because it offers the promise of perfection. Devices perform exactly the way they was designed (well usually). If it’s a gadget or “toy” I probably own one or have it on my wish list (typically the preceding).

Audio – I built my first pair of home theater speakers at 12 years of age, and have been hooked ever since.

Computers – My dad, an attorney by trade, got me into computers when I was just a kid. We would take apart desktop computers to upgrade them frequently. Below you’ll see the first “portable” computer my family had which was cutting edge at the time. I’ll never forget how cool I thought it was since you could take it with you. Nobody back in the late 80’s was buying “portable” computers. The first job I had at 14 I worked for most of the summer just to buy my first Dolby Surround receiver. Then the next summer I saved up my money to buy my first pair of solid speakers (Klispch KG 3.5) which I still have to this day. I have always been to my family and friends the person they went to before making a technology purchase. Most of my knowledge is in Computers and Audio equipment. My degree after all is in computer science. I always wanted to provide my feedback on items, technologies, and ways to do things in mass. Hopefully you will find this blog to provide just that: useful information that hits topics you’re interested in.

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  1. Alison Mayer - September 20, 2009

    Thought I’d let you know the site looks great so far and I’m excited it’s up!!!

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