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Motorola Droid review and comparison

Here comes another iPhone competitor.  Ah, but will THIS one overtake the “king” of smartphones with higher popularity?  Here are the stats: 3.7″ Screen with 16 Million colors 16GB’s of internal memory expandable with up to a 32GB transflash (MicroSD) card 5 megapixel camera with…. is it really… a FLASH!  No, actually it has 2 […]

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FTC pressure facilitates division between Apple and Google’s Board of Directors

With all the anti-trust laws and regulation we have here in the US you’d think this wouldn’t have been allowed to begin with.  Apple and Google had many key board members in common.  Apple and Google have been making competing technology starting with Android OS (Google’s mobile platform) and the iPhone.  Yet just recently the […]

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Dell Smart Phone Destined for AT&T on Google’s Android Operating System

Looks like another manufacturer is now interested in building a phone on Google’s Android Mobile OS.  Rumors state that this phone will be released in early 2010.  Dell has stated the phone will be full touch screen.  I think it’s safe to say that it will offer the normal features we’ve come to expect from […]

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FTC Blogger Ruling on Reviews Payments

Product Reviews and Ethics Some bloggers have been making cold hard cash or accumulating products for their glowing reviews on anything and everything with no disclaimer of that payback. Up to this point it has been reader beware or be wary of what a blogger is touting. The FTC has now declared that the blogosphere […]

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Palm Pre – Best Smartphone ever?

Ah, the Palm Pre… someone finally came up with a True Color SmartPhone that has a camera with a flash that syncs with Microsoft Exchange Server. While for many the thought of this had been a dream for so long, Palm finally delivered. The question is, did they deliver on all of people’s expectations. So […]

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