FTC pressure facilitates division between Apple and Google’s Board of Directors

With all the anti-trust laws and regulation we have here in the US you’d think this wouldn’t have been allowed to begin with.  Apple and Google had many key board members in common.  Apple and Google have been making competing technology starting with Android OS (Google’s mobile platform) and the iPhone.  Yet just recently the FTC has begun to dig into things to investigate whether anti-trust laws are being broken due to their shared board members.  Can true competition really exist and be fair to it’s share holders if a board member is being shared?  I think not.  At one point even Eric Schmidt (Google’s CEO) was on Apple’s board (until August 2009 actually).

The most recent wrinkle in this debacle is that Arthur Levinson has resigned from Google’s Board of Directors.  This now severs all shared ties between the two boards.  Competition in our capitalistic market can now go back to how it was intended.  If you’re a shareholder of either company does this concern you?  Were you even aware?

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