Motorola Droid review and comparison

Here comes another iPhone competitor.  Ah, but will THIS one overtake the “king” of smartphones with higher popularity?  Here are the stats:

  • 3.7″ Screen with 16 Million colors
  • 16GB’s of internal memory expandable with up to a 32GB transflash (MicroSD) card
  • 5 megapixel camera with…. is it really… a FLASH!  No, actually it has 2 flashes
  • Video capabilities (720×480) with 24fps
  • Out of the box Microsoft Exchange support
  • Verizon’s great network coverage
  • Boasts being the thinnest smartphone with a full qwerty keyboard


There are of course pitfalls of any new device.  We’ll see how great the battery life is which is a major concern of mine.  Another failure of the product design, in my opinion, is that the phone doesn’t have a talk or end call hard button.  While contacts are consolidated in one unified listing between Exchange, gmail, Facebook, and other sources your calendar is not (as it is in WebOS).  Also management of your music has to be done on the phone itself since there is no software that comes with the phone that will allow you to create playlists (although Media Monkey may work incidentally).  In Android 2.0, the new Google operating system that will be christened with the launch of this new phone, there is a expansive GPS app that will allow you to see traffic updates, street-view, and many other cool and useful features.  This phone certainly holds a lot of promise, and clearly we’ll have more information on this one soon.

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