Apple iPad – Apple’s New tablet Computer

Apple finally did it.  They stuck an iPod touch in the gigantatron machine (that obviously super-sizes items) and POOF out comes their new “tablet computer”.  Now keep in mind while it’s essentially a giant iPod Touch the iPad is under $500 with a starting price of $499.  Below you get a feel for how thin the device is.

iPad Touch

iPad Touch

Here are some specs for the device:

  • Weight – 1.5lbs
  • Screen size – 9.7″
  • Thickness – 0.5″
  • OS – iPhone OS 3.2
  • CPU/Processor – NEW Apple A4 1Ghz CPU

Since it uses the iPhone OS it of course can’t, without being hacked, multitask :(.  Also keep in mind that the iPad can’t render anything with Flash.  We’ll have more on this product as time progresses.

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