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Celebrity Cruises Handles Gluten Free Diet

I am an avowed foodie. No question about it. Almost the first thing that comes to mind when I describe a vacation is the most memorable meal. Here is the problem: I am now on a gluten free, dairy free diet. Upon boarding the Celebrity Summit this week in Barcelona, I approached one of the […]

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Easy Jet is Tough on Carry-on Baggage Sizes

Read the fine print. EasyJet has stringent restrictions on carry-ons. Unlike other airlines who usually allow a personal item such as a computer bag or handbag plus a carry-on suitcase, easyJet only allows one carry-on. The size is very restrictive, as I remember, 50 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. We were very careful […]

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping

What is it about Black Friday that causes us to spend, spend, spend? The bargains, of course. The online deals abound and in some cases are more readily available than in the brick and mortar stores. Furthermore there are a lot of free shipping deals. Who wants to get up at 3 a.m. to wait […]

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Technorati Claim

Finally there is some action on my Technorati “application.” It has taken weeks. If you aren’t familiar with Technorati, it is a type of search engine for blogs that is quite critical for credibility within the blogging world. Here you go Technorati: ZTJ286PS9JND. Now please make it happen! Thanks!

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Onboard Credit for Buying Cruise Line Stock

Always trying to maximize my credits and discounts in travel, the purchase of about 100 shares of cruise line stock to receive online credit is a win-win situation. Because of our upcoming transatlantic cruise on the Celebrity Summit (watch here for blog reports on the cruise – great itinerary and great ship) we purchased 100 […]

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Marriott Weekend Deal

Still available from Marriott until December 13, is a deal almost too good to be true. Stay at over 300 Marriott properties either a Friday or Saturday night and receive a $100 Marriott Bonus Bucks coupon good for a two night weekend stay between 1/1/10 and 3/31/10 plus a $50 coupon good for $10 off […]

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Cruise Ship Bathroom Sanitation

Oh, oh. We thought those CDC inspection numbers were the final word on ship cleanliness. Not so. The public bathrooms on 56 ships carrying 1,258 to 3.600 passengers from 9 major cruise lines were inspected over a 7 day period by a team of researchers from Boston University, Carney Hospital, Cambridge Health Alliance and Tufts […]

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Swine Flu and Traveling

By this time practically everyone knows someone who has had the H1N1 virus. Question is: are you more likely to catch the bug when traveling, particularly in close quarters on an airplane or on a cruise ship? Logic would indicate that is the case. What do you do when you are seated near someone hacking […]

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Zippy Reviews? What is that?

Zippy Reviews (n.) – website dedicated to people who feel they have been bamboozled by search engines while trying to find the best consumer and expert reviews on computers, consumer electronics and travel…because they would rather spend their time downloading from iTunes ™, Tweeting, watching their flat screen TV or relaxing in a four star hotel. Zippy […]

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