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Norovirus Hits a Small Number of Celebrity Summit Passengers in mid-Atlantic

An announcement was made yesterday warning people of the existence of illness aboard. It was followed by a letter from the Captain in each cabin last night stating that there have been “an elevated number of people onboard who experienced a gastrointestinal illness commonly known as a norovirus.” No telling how many onboard the Summit […]

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Agadir Morocco with a Berber Tour Guide

It couldn’t have been scripted better. Our day guide in Agadir was booked through Originally Morocco along with a driver and van for 4 of us. Upon our disembarkation from the Summit we spotted our name on the windshield of a fairly new van with our guide standing next to it. Our guide was straight […]

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Alhambra in Grenada Spain

Rarely is a cruise ship shore excursion a relative bargain. After doing way too much work to find an independent day trip from our port of call, Malaga, and finding them all to be at least $100 more than the 9 hour trip offered by Celebrity, we bit the bullet and booked it. There is […]

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Seasickness Remedies

Poor guy! Our web designer was being treated by his girlfriend to a cruise, which was sailing right into the path of a tropical storm. Not only that, but the storm was likely to be upgraded to a hurricane by the time the ship got near the Bahamas. The kicker is his tendency to get […]

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