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My Nook Was Stolen

How did Barnes and Noble respond? Very well, thank you! When I logged into my email the morning after I had traveled, there was a notification, as always, of a purchase of a book at 4:20 a.m. I can tell you I was sound asleep at that time after being awake for 24 hours of […]

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The Best Travel Insurance

There are many solid reasons to buy travel insurance – lost luggage that is poorly reimbursed by a carrier, illness that requires transportation back home, an emergency evacuation, a delay that costs you for a hotel and meals, a broken leg a week before departure, medical costs not covered by your usual insurance, or even […]

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How to Find Italian Boutique Hotels

What could be more charming than an old villa converted to a small Italian hotel? It is what we search for when traveling in Italy. Viewing all the photos online transports me to the Italian countryside. The anticipation of the wonderful places in Italy (and the food….and the people….and the sights) is sometimes half the […]

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