About Zippy Reviews

Zippy Reviews (n.) – website dedicated to people who feel they have been bamboozled by search engines while trying to find the best consumer and expert reviews on computers, consumer electronics and travel…because they would rather spend their time downloading from iTunes ™, Tweeting, watching their flat screen TV or relaxing in a four star hotel. Zippy Reviews will get you to the best reviews fast.

What are we doing?
Giving everyone a way to shortcut the search process for consumer and expert reviews on travel, consumer electronics and computers.

How does that work?
We identify the sites that publish the best consumer and expert reviews and get you there directly, taking the search engine process out of the picture for you. You don’t have to wade through 1,475,923 search results, click on each site, search for what you want, hope it is there and then backtrack to find another website. We will save you time and frustration by doing all your review site research for you.

See us now! Go to Zippy Reviews, watch our Zippy video and fill out the email form. We will let you know when our full site is up and rolling and our next videos are posted. You can read about us on TwitterFacebook and take a look at Dan’s blog, too. Oh yeah, having fun is an essential rule in the Zippy Reviews business. We aren’t too serious. So have a good laugh on us or at us and watch us in action while you wait for our full site to launch.. We are going to help you. Just wait!

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