American to Dump Orbitz

Orbitz Might Lose American Air Flight Search

American Airlines logo

American Airlines Wants to Change Orbitz Contract

As of December 1 there will be no American Airlines flight listings on Orbitz. Why? American wants more money from Orbitz sales. Currently there is an intermediary that handles the search and booking between the two entities. American wants a direct connect so their costs are reduced. As I see it, one problem from Orbitz’ perspective is that one of the intermediaries, Travelport, owns 48% of Orbitz. Kind of double dipping, I suppose. Getting rid of the middle man would only stand to benefit American.

What will the fallout be for Orbitz if an agreement isn’t reached by December 1? As a consumer I would feel that Orbitz could no longer provide me with all possible flight options. American happens to be my airline of choice now so it would totally rule out Orbitz for me.

Who else uses Orbitz for American flight planning? Would you continue to use Orbitz if you could not search for American flights?

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