Easy Jet is Tough on Carry-on Baggage Sizes

Read the fine print. EasyJet has stringent restrictions on carry-ons. Unlike other airlines who usually allow a personal item such as a computer bag or handbag plus a carry-on suitcase, easyJet only allows one carry-on. The size is very restrictive, as I remember, 50 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. We were very careful to measure our one allowed piece so weren’t at risk of being charged extra300px-easyjet_logo.

The not-very-pleasant easyJet personnel in the waiting room at Charles de Gaulle in Paris pushed the baggage measuring rack around the room and made passengers with suspect pieces place them in the device. Mind you we had all checked in at the easyJet desk, where their personnel had already scoped our carry-ons. The couple next to us had a small suitcase with wheels extending past the allowed dimensions. They had paid for priority boarding but were sent out of security, back to check-in, had to pay 22 euros and go through security again only to join the general boarding process.

Don’t think you will escape scrutiny or be able to sneak an extra centimeter past easyJet personnel. They are obviously trained to cut no slack for anyone.

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