How to Fly Free Business Class

Business Class Seat

Fly in business class comfort for free

(And Other Perks of Mega Miles in Your Frequent Flyer Account)

My freebie travel guru, Frugal Travel Guy, gives me the ammo I need to rack up the miles for free trips, almost always business class. Those that amass a zillion miles on business flights and attain some kind of elite status are doing it the easy way and I have miles envy. Finding other methods to get my miles is like looking for the yellow brick road with no Google mapping. Scrounging for miles is a part time job. My friends think I am crazy. I think they are lazy. Miles in the bank for me are the same as a Ferrari in the garage to some. It is my ticket to my free business class travel habit. Who wants to fly for 8-15 hours in the back of the bus? I prefer a flat bed with a comforter to a 19” wide seat and 18 degree recline with a two year old kicking my back.

Here is what I have accomplished in the last 5 months:

  • 25,000 Continental miles – Chase Bank checking account with debit card
  • 25,000 Continental miles – Chase Bank business checking account with debit card
  • 6,239 Continental miles – Chase Bank checking from spending and bonuses
  • 100,000 British Airways miles – British Airways Chase Visa sign up and $2K spending
  • 30,000 miles – United Business Visa sign up
  • 14,479 United miles – United Business Visa spending and bonuses
  • 17,000 American miles – Citibank Savings account
  • 30,000 American miles – American Airlines Citibank card sign up
  • 11,323 American miles – American Airlines Citibank spending and bonuses
  • 15,000 Delta miles – SunTrust checking and debit card
  • 15,000 Delta miles – SunTrust business checking and debit card
  • TOTAL 289,041 miles

There are tricks to accomplishing all this. First and foremost you need to know how to find these mile accumulating opportunities. I highly suggest that you follow the Frugal Travel Guy. He is the guru and a terrifically nice guy to boot. He will lead you to all the deals. Take his word for it. He really knows his stuff and lives what he preaches.

Have a comfy trip in your flat bed, eat a meal with something other than plastic and choose a nice glass of (free) wine to go with your dinner. Don’t pay for checked bags, go through a short, fast check-in line, and get higher baggage weight allowances. And one of my favorite perks of flying international business class is the admission to the business class airport lounges. Telling you about the Frugal Travel Guy will be perhaps the best advice I ever give you.

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