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American to Dump Orbitz

As of December 1 there will be no American Airlines flight listings on Orbitz. Why? American wants more money from Orbitz sales. Currently there is an intermediary that handles the search and booking between the two entities. American wants a direct connect so their costs are reduced. As I see it, one problem from Orbitz’ […]

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No More Foreign Transaction Fees on This Card

When traveling overseas, every traveler that has been using their credit cards for purchases has been socked a foreign transaction fee at the time of billing. It usually added 3% to your spending. For some time it was a hidden fee until a lawsuit forced disclosure on your credit card statements. With the US$ being […]

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Cruise Ship Bathroom Sanitation

Oh, oh. We thought those CDC inspection numbers were the final word on ship cleanliness. Not so. The public bathrooms on 56 ships carrying 1,258 to 3.600 passengers from 9 major cruise lines were inspected over a 7 day period by a team of researchers from Boston University, Carney Hospital, Cambridge Health Alliance and Tufts […]

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iPhone App for Priceline

What do you get when you shake your iPhone? Sometimes you can find a cheap hotel near where you are standing. How? What does shaking your phone do? This is one of the most baffling of all technologies to me. I simply can’t comprehend how a signal is transmitted and an app is engaged by […]

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Travelocity Hotel Rate Guarantee

Travelocity is going one better than their original guarantee of making everything right with your trip. They are now willing to refund the difference between your booked rate and any lower rate on the internet for that property/those dates. Currently they are trying to move your business to their site by offering a $50 refund […]

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