Digital Photo Storage When Traveling

Digital Photo Storage

Protect your travel photos by backing up to a small portable storage device.

This issue has always been a dilemma for me. My compromise has been a large capacity compact flash card that will get me through the day, a laptop onto which I upload my photos and then a flash drive for back up. It works well but is a bit time consuming.

The flaws of my system are the bulk created by the laptop and the time spent transferring. The double back up is an absolute necessity for anyone that is really serious about their photos. It is really easy to lose a card or a flash drive. On a recent trip Windows Vista did us in by managing to complicate the process to the degree that a couple days photos were lost by my husband. It bolstered my case for the double back up. Some years ago before I was wise enough to know better, I had a power surge on a cruise ship fry my hard drive on my laptop and all the photos downloaded to that point were lost. Now I always carry a CyberPower small surge protector when I travel and back up my computer while traveling.

The dream situation for me would be to carry only a small PSD (portable storage device) that uses a direct transfer from my camera but also has a USB port for my flash drive.В  Unfortunately for me, I need my laptop for business when traveling so the purchase of a PSD would be extraneous.

There are some great PSDs available, some with multimedia capabilities, LCD screens and huge capacity. Epson, Archos and Wolverine make them as well as many other companies. They are expensive but probably worth it if you have the same concerns as I do. My photographer friends rave about them and won’t travel without them. I have PSD envy.

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  1. Del James - September 7, 2011

    this is helpful as I am taking a small boat cruise to Alaska – thanks!

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