No More Foreign Transaction Fees on This Card

  1. British Airways Chase Visa cardWhen traveling overseas, every traveler that has been using their credit cards for purchases has been socked a foreign transaction fee at the time of billing. It usually added 3% to your spending. For some time it was a hidden fee until a lawsuit forced disclosure on your credit card statements. With the US$ being so wimpy in past years, we didn’t appreciate the extra cost. The only card that avoided it was the Capital One Visa (thank you!).

This morning I received this from my British Airways Visa people:

We want you to be among the first to hear about the end of foreign transaction fees for British Airways Visa Signature® Cardmembers. There is nothing Cardmembers need to do to enjoy this benefit. This is great news for everyone hoping to save money while travelling abroad.

Thank you British Airways/Chase! You will be our travel card from now on.

Maybe this will signal the end to this nonsense of bilking travelers at every turn. Please: banks take note. We don’t want the fees on our ATM cards either!

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