My Nook Was Stolen

Barnes and Noble Nook

Nook has 3G, WiFi and PDF load capability

How did Barnes and Noble respond? Very well, thank you! When I logged into my email the morning after I had traveled, there was a notification, as always, of a purchase of a book at 4:20 a.m. I can tell you I was sound asleep at that time after being awake for 24 hours of travel. Furthermore, I don’t buy books that mention “vampire” anywhere.

Next step: collect my thoughts. Where is my Nook? Couldn’t find it in my mess of dirty clothes and Italian pasta I brought home. Hmmmm. Where did I use it last? I was reading on my last flight from JFK to Ft. Lauderdale. My name is in my loaded travel documents on my Nook (PDF file download is one of my favorite functions of the Nook) so someone could return it. No way is that happening. The scumbag that stole it is clearly not an honorable person.

I called B and N. The support guy had me deactivate my default credit card, which will disable any ability to buy books, even if charged to a gift card credit. He was gracious enough to credit me with the purchase made in the middle of the night since it was a gift card credit. Here is the biggie: Barnes and Noble can deactivate a Nook. No way will the thief be able to use it. Furthermore I have the charging cord/computer USB connector. It is a small consolation to me.

We always buy travel insurance when going on a substantial trip, as this one was (Wales and Italy). I claimed my loss and recouped my investment, down to the cost of the protective film on the screen. While waiting for the claim to be processed, I purchased another Nook since I missed using it for my daily read.

Lessons learned: Barnes and Noble is great, keep closer tabs on belongings, travel insurance is worthwhile.

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  1. Shanna - February 13, 2011

    They had you cancel a credit card to prevent someone from buying books on your nook? That’ a little extreme, isn’t it? Shouldn’t they be able to disconnect payment options on their end?

  2. Pam - March 3, 2011

    Thanks, Shanna, for your comment. They did not have me cancel my credit card. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. They simply disabled my Nook so that nothing could be charged to my Barnes and Noble Nook account, which automatically billed my credit card. I felt B & N did a great job of handling the theft. Sorry my reply took so long. I was on a Zippy trip to South America and didn’t have great internet access.

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