Norovirus Hits a Small Number of Celebrity Summit Passengers in mid-Atlantic

An announcement was made yesterday warning people of the existence of illness aboard. It was followed by a letter from the Captain in each cabin last night stating that there have been “an elevated number of people onboard who experienced a gastrointestinal illness commonly known as a norovirus.” No telling how many onboard the Summit […]

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Cruise Ship Bathroom Sanitation

Oh, oh. We thought those CDC inspection numbers were the final word on ship cleanliness. Not so. The public bathrooms on 56 ships carrying 1,258 to 3.600 passengers from 9 major cruise lines were inspected over a 7 day period by a team of researchers from Boston University, Carney Hospital, Cambridge Health Alliance and Tufts […]

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Swine Flu and Traveling

By this time practically everyone knows someone who has had the H1N1 virus. Question is: are you more likely to catch the bug when traveling, particularly in close quarters on an airplane or on a cruise ship? Logic would indicate that is the case. What do you do when you are seated near someone hacking […]

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