My Nook Was Stolen

How did Barnes and Noble respond? Very well, thank you! When I logged into my email the morning after I had traveled, there was a notification, as always, of a purchase of a book at 4:20 a.m. I can tell you I was sound asleep at that time after being awake for 24 hours of […]

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The Best Travel Insurance

There are many solid reasons to buy travel insurance – lost luggage that is poorly reimbursed by a carrier, illness that requires transportation back home, an emergency evacuation, a delay that costs you for a hotel and meals, a broken leg a week before departure, medical costs not covered by your usual insurance, or even […]

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Travel Insurance Coverage for Luggage

Lost or Damaged Luggage – Who Pays? It was such a great purchase, an absolutely beautiful retro-designed suitcase covered in tweed fabric with a leather belt around it. There were 9 flights ahead of me and a lot of checking in and out over a month long trip. I was confident that this was the […]

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